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Dog walking in the grassTraditional Chinese medicine is often a combination of acupuncture and herbs, since the two complement each other so well. It is well recognized that herbal medicine is very powerful, despite limited knowledge of herbs in western cultures. Herbs are generally used in combination formulas to achieve the desired effect. The biggest allure of herbal medicine is its usefulness in the face of western medicinal failures, and its general lack of unpleasant, if any, side effects.
Unlike conventional medicine, herbal prescriptions must be specifically formulated based on a traditional Chinese medical diagnosis, taking into account an individual's personality, specific symptoms, and environment. Dr. Julie Matthews prescribes the appropriate herbal formula, depending on the above factors.  As with acupuncture, herbal medicine addresses the individual as a whole, strengthening the body against future illness. 
Herbs have milder effects on the body than conventional drugs, resulting in fewer side effects. Unlike conventional medication that treats the symptoms of disease, herbal therapy corrects the underlying weakness that resulted in the disease. This results in deeper, long lasting, whole body healing.
Herbs are available in numerous forms. In order of decreasing strength, these are teas/decoctions, tinctures, powders, and prepared pills. Decoctions and teas are difficult to use in veterinary medicine due to palatability issues. Tinctures are alcohol-based preparations which are stronger than powders but are more expensive to prepare. Herbal powders or tablets are most commonly used in animals, either mixing the powder directly in food, or placing it in capsules or tablets. Administration is usually once to twice daily, with treatment duration often weeks to months.

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  • "Provides great care for your pet. I don't think there isn't anything they can't do for your pet. They are also the only vet in the entire area that can provide Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation (VOM). It's a form of chiropractic work for animals. I thought they were nuts for suggesting it, but it's the only thing that has helped my dog with her back issues. She does not take any pain meds and is like a puppy as long as she has VOM every month. It's truly a life/pain saver. My dog is living proof that this practice works. This practice is so rare that even a veterinary hospital in another state who specializes in rehabilitation does not perform this procedure (which is mind boggling). My other dog could not stomach pain meds and antibiotics after a surgery. We tried homeopathics and that's what helped her with her pain. They definitely know what they're doing when it comes to medical care for animals. We've been going there for 12 years and counting......"
    Stephanie V. York, ME
  • "Dear the amazing team at Village Vet, thank you for the beautiful poem and heartfelt card you sent me after Lucy's passing. Its nice to know how much you care about your patients and their owners. I will miss my little monkey but WHEN we decide to bring another little furbaby into the family you'll be the first people I'll call."
    Sally M York, ME

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